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Papa Johns Coupons. Learn about the latest PapaJohns coupons deals and  the 50% off Papa Johns printable coupons, offers and promotions here.


Avid pizza fans have long discovered Papa Johns pizza. Many come back time and time again, as repeat customers, and though the majority of us do not mind paying that little bit extra for a quality pizza, none of wants to miss out on a good deal.

And often the best deals are not advertised. Papa Johns Pizza are fond of using printable Papa Johns coupons and Papa Johns coupon codes to ´lure´ people into their restaurants or to simply reward loyal customers.

Here on these pages, we will collect the very latest Papa Johns coupons and Papa Johns Coupon code information, so that only need to check on site before ordering a Papajohns pizza. We will update the website every  month to and include the newest coupon codes available, in the comment section.

This website is, howver,  not affiliated with the Papa Johns Pizza Company or its trademarks in any way. We are merely an informational site for advice about the use and availablility of Papa Johns Pizza Coupons.

What is Papa John’s Pizza and Who is Papa John?

Papa John’s Pizza is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains in the world, just behind Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza, in terns of the number of restaurants.

There are more than 4.000 Papa John’s pizza restaurants and in the world, as of the end of 2012, but the number is rising fast!

John Schnatter founded Papa Johns Pizza. In 1984 he sold his car in order to buy out the owner of the bar, wherehe worked, and he hasn´t looked back..

Papa Johns focus is on higher, as opposed to low prices championed by other pizza chains, plus a simpler pizza menu. Lately the menu has been expanded, though, to include more types of crusts and 10 specialty pizzas.

Papa John’s was also the pizza chain to introduce online pizza ordering , In January 2002.
Papa John Pizza also encourage their customers to design their own pizzas from time to time, in order to win a year lifetime supply of free pizza.

Papa John’s Pizza slogan is simply “Better Ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s”, and in this video ´Papa Johns´himself explains more about the companys concepts:


The Papa Johns Pizza coupons are divided into 2 groups: Papa Johns promo codes (or “Papa Johns coupon code”) and Papa Johns printable coupons.

The printed PapaJohns coupons are quite common:

These coupons often come through your ‘snail’ mail or can sometimes be found in your local newspaper, especially the sunday editions.  (You will then need to cut out the coupon. This is known as “coupon clipping”. This can often net you a hefty 50% off your pizza  (though sometimes terms and conditions apply, such as only for participating restaurants etc.).

You  can then bring it to your local Papa John’s pizza restaurant, and receive,for example, a free pizza.

Another idea is to use ´’google search’ for images and search for printable Papa Johns coupons, but i can guarantee you that 99% of the coupons that you find this way, will have already expired.

For more tips, see the our comment section.

Papa Johns coupons – Images.

A Papa Johns coupon will usually look like the coupon shown below.

papa johns coupons 2012-2013

Papa Johns coupons 2012-2013 image.

This is a perfect example of a Papa Johns coupon for 1 large pizza for just 10.99. Please note that these coupons have a limited time validity (30 days). please do not print off any old Papa Johns Coupons.

These kind of coupons usually have an expiry date so check the coupon up close and read the terms and conditions.  Many Papa Johns coupons are only valid in certain local or regional restaurants, for example.

Another way to obtain a valid Papa Johns coupon ( which in this case is basically a ‘virtual’ coupon, online) is by signing up for the Papa Johns Rewards program.

The Papa Johns Reward programme:

To sign up, first visit:


and enter your email details etc.

You will then create a PapaJohns Rewards account, which your own unique username, which you can access from anywhere with a web connection. You also will receive new promotions by email from PapaJohns.

After registration your account will then be credited with rewards points for online orders on www.papajohns.com. You must be 18 years old to sign up.

This is how to point system works:

  • You will earn 1 point for every $5 you spend online at papajohns.com.
  • You can then Redeem your rewards points for a free largepizza with up  to three toppings, when you have accumulated 25 points in the ‘Pizza Meter’. Then login and enter 25PAPA in the promo code field to get the free pizza.

Basically you will get a free pizza when you spent 125$. It may not sound like much, but the real kicker are the FREE points that PapaJohns occasionally uploads to your account. This may be 15 points or even 25 points, on special occasions.

Papa Johns coupon codes and promo codes:

A Papa Johns coupon code , or ‘promo codes’ are used online, and they work when applied to a  promotional code box at check-out on PapaJohns.com.

The Papa Johns coupon codes are much more frequent than actually printable Papa johns coupons and we have added a lot of them on the front page.

The coupon codes can’t be combined with a printable coupon,in case you are wondering. They also expire very quickly, usually after 1 or 2 weeks.


  • PAPA JOHNS COUPON CODE: 25OFF. Will net you 25% off your entire order.(expired)
  • PAPA JOHNS PROMO CODE 2012: VISA25. Also, for 25% off your online order.

Other Papa Johns deals:

On www.Papajohns.com you can find other deals, as well,that doesn’ require a coupon. For example: For onlu 11$ you can get 1 Large Double Layered Premium Pepperoni or alternatively, a Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza. Another favourite  deal is the Two Large 1-Topping Pizzas for a very human 20$.

– In short, do yourself a huge favour and ALWAYS check PapaJohnspromocodes.net first, before you order a pizza. New deals and coupon codes will be found in the comment section, which will be updated througout the year.

For Papa Johns Coupons,please check this very page.

For Papa Johns promo codes, please see the page PAPA JOHNS PROMO CODES on this website.

Enjoy your savings and your PapaJohns Pizza!

-Papa Johns Pizza Coupons and Coupon codes-

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